ECHORN Coordinating Center Team


ECHORN Coordinating Center Team

Terri-Ann Thompson, PhD

Dr. Terri-Ann Thompson received a Bachelor of Arts from Macalester College and her doctorate in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is an Associate Research Scientist at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Thompson has expertise in the areas of perinatal, adolescent and women’s health. In the past, she has worked as a data analyst with the International Centre for Research on Women to examine the effect of educational attainment on fertility. Her other research efforts include; working with the Gender Health, Justice and Research Unit at the University of Cape Town in South Africa to examine adolescent sexual development in the context of violence in South Africa; and working with academics at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica to explore gender identity formation among Afro-Jamaican women. Her passion for work in reproductive health led her to examine the influence of sex education on the sexual behaviors of Jamaican youth as her dissertation work. The study was successful in identifying factors that could work to improve youth sexual health outcomes in Jamaica.  Her current research interests are in the areas of gender and health, and community level influences on sexual and reproductive health in the Caribbean.

Team Members

ECHORN Coordinating Center Team

Jeremy Schwartz, MD
Junior Faculty
Medical Director

Johanna Elumn
Project Manager

Arian Schulze
Virtual Curriculum Lead Developer