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Research Awards Granted to Two ECHORN Trainees

We are proud to announce that ECHORN trainees Gerneiva Parkinson and Rebecca Lakew were both awarded research fellowships. Gerneiva, a medical student at Yale School of Medicine, recently received the Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship, which supports one-year fellowships to study topics that significantly impact morbidity and mortality in an international setting. For the fellowship, Gerneiva will be conducting a research project in Trinidad and Tobago focused on mapping the BRCA1 gene. Her mentors for the project are Marcella Nunez-Smith, Principle Investigator at ECHORN, and Dylan Narinesingh, Medical Director at the Trinidad and Tobago National Radiation Center.

Rebecca, a graduate student at the Yale School of Public health, was awarded the Downs International Health Student Travel Fellowship, which supports health-related research in low- and middle-income countries. Rebecca will use the award to conduct a summer research project in Trinidad and Tobago on the impact of alcohol use on households and families. Throughout the course of her fellowship, Rebecca will be working with ECHORN principle investigators Marcella Nunez-Smith and Rohan Maharaj.

We look forward to sharing future updates on the progress of both of these exciting projects.