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Dr. Giselle Corbie-Smith Joins ECHORN Faculty Advisory Board

ECHORN welcomes Dr. Giselle Corbie-Smith to the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB). Dr. Corbie-Smith is a Kenan Distinguished Professor of Social Medicine and Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), School of Medicine.  She is also the Director of the Center for Health Equity Research at UNC. Dr. Corbie-Smith has been nationally recognized for her scholarly work on the practical and ethical issues regarding engaging communities of color in research to address racial and ethnic health disparities. In relation to this work, Dr. Corbie Smith also serves as the Director of Community Academic Resources for Engaged Scholarships (CARES) services at the UNC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute.

Dr. Corbie-Smith, who has Trinidadian roots, worked extensively with ECHORN Principal Investigator Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith on other projects before joining the FAB. ECHORN looks forward to the contributions and expertise she will bring to the network.