All Team Members


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides the development of ECHORN’s policies. Its members include ECHORN’s Principal Investigator, two program officers from the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), and senior faculty from Yale University.

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) acts as a consultant to the ECHORN Coordinating Center (ECC) and the island sites. The FAB includes faculty from a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise.

ECHORN Coordinating Center (ECC)

The ECHORN Coordinating Center (ECC) is based at the Yale University School of Medicine. The ECC works with the ECHORN study sites in the planning, coordination, and implementation of the research study. The ECC also coordinates capacity strengthening activities at sites and in the Caribbean region.

  • Josefa Martinez, PhD
    Director of the ECC
  • Jeremy Schwartz, MD
    Medical Director
  • Baylah Tessier-Sherman
    Project Manager
  • Arian Schulze
    Virtual Curriculum

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) acts as a consultant to individual site teams. The CAB includes local community and policy leaders.

U.S. Virgin Islands ECHORN Team

  • Maxine A. Nunez, DPH, MSN, CNE, RN
    Principal Investigator
  • Amy Schweizer, RN, MSN, CCRN
    Junior Faculty
  • Gwenevere Creque
    Project Manager
  • Rebecca Martin-Gonsalves
    Research Assistant, St. Thomas
  • Nikki Powell-Haywood
    Research Assistant, St. Croix
  • Angela Isaac
    Clinical Research Nurse, St. Croix
  • Shirley Rymer
    Clinical Research Nurse, St. Thomas

Barbados ECHORN Team

  • Peter Adams, BSc, MBBS, DM
    Principal Investigator
  • Euclid Morris, MD
    Junior Faculty
  • Celia Greaves
    Project Manager
  • Ryan Hall
    Research Assistant
  • Cynthia Clarke
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Elma Payne
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Pissamai Maul
    Clinical Research Nurse

Puerto Rico ECHORN Team

  • Cruz Nazario-Delgado, PhD
    Principal Investigator
  • Rosa Rosario-Rosado, DrPH, MS
    Junior Faculty
  • Johan Hernandez-Santiago
    Program Manager
  • Bárbara Guzmán
    Clinical Research Nurse

Trinidad and Tobago ECHORN Team

  • Rohan Maharaj, BSc, MBBS, MHSc, DM, FCCFP
    Principal Investigator
  • Shastri Motilal, MB, BS, DM
    Junior Faculty
  • Hyacinth Chow
    Project Manager
  • Hema Singh
    Research Assistant
  • Roseann Aguilal
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Patsy Clarke
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Cynthia Fredericks
    Community Outreach Officer