ECHORN Hurricane Relief Fund

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The 2020 hurricane season arrives in the Caribbean amidst climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and predictions for an unusually active season.

Climate change causes more severe storms and hurricanes that threaten island communities. The 2020 season forecast includes an above average number of storms, including several expected to reach a Category 3 level or higher.

The Caribbean is already under serious economic strain from the ongoing pandemic. Decreases in tourism, dependency on food imports, and stagnant economic growth have complicated plans for disaster preparedness and recovery.

Social distancing measures could impact shelter use and access to aid.

The ECHORN (Eastern Caribbean Health Outcomes Research Network) Hurricane Relief Fund and The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven raise funds to help local, Caribbean non-profit organizations meet the health and well-being needs of their communities after natural disasters. The fund was created in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria (2017), which devastated the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, St. Martin/St. Maarten, Barbuda, Dominica, and many others. It continues to help strengthen the capacity of the Caribbean populations to access resources that help support and rebuild these Caribbean communities after a disaster. Organizations can use funds to replace destroyed or lost supplies, coordinate outreach efforts, or rebuild other vital resources.

ECHORN Hurricane Relief Funds have helped non-profit organizations make positive impacts in their communities:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands used ECHORN Hurricane Relief Funds to purchase a commercial large volume cooler. This refrigerator holds more food and increases the kitchen efficiency, which then expanded the church’s feeding efforts in the community.

Caño Martín Peña ENLACE Project of San Juan, Puerto Rico used ECHORN Hurricane Relief Funds to rehabilitate community gardens damaged by Hurricane Maria. These gardens promote community-building activities and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to nearby communities. The gardens also prevent these areas from being used in ways that could threaten residents’ safety and public health.

ECHORN is committed to these communities over the long term to help restore the necessary health and social services infrastructure for the well-being of all who live there.

Thank you again for your assistance in rebuilding and providing a positive, long-lasting impact on these communities.

To make a secure, online credit card donation to The ECHORN Hurricane Relief Fund, please CLICK HERE. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. No funds will be used to support ECHORN or CFGNH personnel or research activities.

Third Annual ECHORN Symposium

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Second Annual ECHORN Symposium

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First Annual ECHORN Symposium

ECHORN network members gathered to prepare for the launch of the data collection phase of the ECHORN project. The Symposium featured activities that highlighted research implementation strategies and tools, reviewed clinical procedures, and imparted lessons on capacity and community strengthening within the ECHORN collaborative and beyond.